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Save Money by Renting Electronics, Party Supplies, Tools and Sporting Equipment

Seen the rental stores popping up on every corner in your town and wonder if renting items would save money over buying the same items? Depends on what you are in the market for and how long the item is needed. Renting items that are needed for one time usage will save money over buying the item. Also, renting a big ticket item to give it a test drive before buying it will also save money.

Save Money Renting Electronics

This is a tip we learned from our Dutch friends over at Keuzehelper. Taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and want to video the trip but don't want to invest a large chunk of money for a new camcorder? Rent a camcorder at a local rental store and save money. Perhaps a GPS is desirable for the trip, that can be rented too. Cell pones, computers, TV's, sound systems and DVD players can also be rented for a special occasion or for a test drive.

Save Money Renting Party Supplies

A stand-alone, vendor type pop corn popper, cotton candy machine or Snow-Kone maker sure would make that outdoor party spectacular, but would the party supply ever be used again? Probably not, but these type of party supplies can be rented for one-time usage. Inflatable bounce houses and slides can be rented too so the party can be hit without taking a hit in the wallet.

Save Money Renting Tools

How many times would a power washer be used? What about a pneumatic nail gun or other expensive power tool? For the general DIY project, the tools are only needed for a short period of time and then would be relegated to a corner of the garage to collect dust and take up space. Rent the power tools, use them for the DIY project, then return them. Less money spent and no additional clutter in the garage.

Save Money Renting Sporting Equipment

So you want to take the family on a camping trip but don't want purchase the needed big ticket equipment? Rent the camping equipment. Heading for the beach and want to try surfing? Rent a surf board. Before investing in sporting equipment for a new adventure, rent the sporting equipment for a test drive to see if it's a hobby you and your family want to stick with.

Practically anything can be rented at places like Rent-A-Center or Home Depot for one time usage or on a rent-to-own plan. Depending on your particular needs, renting can save money over purchase price of the item.